I am “I was going to make a TikTok video but couldn’t figure out how” years old.

Trying out a new app for my IPTV setup. If it works well, I’ll likely write about it.

I’m really digging Mastoot in my testing so far. I think I’m going to delete the official client for now and see how well I do with just Mastoot.

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From Gary Hustwit's LinkedIn:

"Legendary designer Dieter Rams is celebrating his 90th birthday this week, on May 20th. And it's become a tradition that on Dieter's birthday we show the documentary about him free worldwide. Since this is a big birthday, we're streaming it free all week!

Watch “Rams” free now through this Sunday, May 22nd:


Happy Birthday Dieter!"

#Design #DieterRams

I just bought the entire series of Gilligan’s Island on iTunes for $30. Ask me anything.

The ability to select text in images on iOS is neat, but sometimes the little icon obscures text in the image and in Safari — especially on YouTube’s site — the system tries to select text when I just want to long press and open the image’s link in a new tab.

Poll: (be honest!) how often do you check…


Responses and boosts appreciated.

What are some good docs for learning how to build progressive web apps?
#AskFedi #AskFediverse

Mastoot seems to handle large timeline loads like a champ, too. I have some minor annoyances with some of the design decisions. Very few limitations that would be in the realm of “deal breaker”. Lack of notifications is probably the biggest thing.

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Just discovered Mastoot, which looks like it was first released about three weeks ago. It has the absolute best icon of all the Mastodon clients for iOS. This thing looks promising.


Just found out about Nuzlocke in Pokémon. I guess I’m going to replay Red now.

Found this nifty service and used it to build Mastodon reply links for the longer articles on @initialcharge.



That one service that was iOS-only just launched a beta web version that has remote follow buttons. But those buttons don’t currently work.

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