Doing some upkeep on, listening to some Alex Melton in Plexamp, and keeping an eye on Mastodon using Sengi.

I reverted back to my previous setup for now. I’ll just deal with the annoyance of syndicating images for a while longer, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Okay, while the setup technically worked, it was a bit messier than I would have preferred. Going to try a slightly different setup — gets the RSS feed straight from Mastodon and WordPress gets it through IFTTT.

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I’m using a new method for archiving my Tweets/toots on, which syndicates to No idea if it’s even going to work and my site is a bit of a mess now. Lol

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That thing where you just cross your fingers and hope everything works the way you intended.

Owning your own Mastodon server makes the federated timeline significantly more usable. But the local timeline is essentially useless.

— All Odysee channels have RSS feeds, accessible through the menu button on their channel page.

Plumbers came today and everything should be working now. And although *expensive*, it wasn't as bad as I was worried it might be.

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Plumbing problems on a Friday night are delightful. /s

.@becky’s job is selling some of their old computers. They have some 2013-2015 MacBook Airs. They’re priced a smidge higher than I think they should be, but we’re probably still going to get at least a couple.

— Caps lock exists on iPhone. It can be enabled/disabled in Settings > General > Keyboard > Enable Caps Lock. Double tap the shift key to use it.

Good news, the hedge trimmer I ordered is no longer scheduled for delivery in a month. I only have to wait a week to do yard work now.

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If you have a Twitter account, I feel like you should, at the very least, setup a Mastodon account and crosspost to it.

This is a funny headline. It makes it sound like you can dislike individual users on the service. Lol

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