Damn. I shouldn’t have upgraded my iPad to iOS 15. When my iPhone gets here later today and I transfer everything over, neither of my primary devices will be able to run two of my most important shortcuts. :\

It’s hard to rely on Shortcuts as an automation platform when things break with every major OS release. Shortcuts (Workflow at the time) is a big reason I was able to move to iOS as my primary platform in 2015, but I’m getting tired of reworking my shortcuts every single year.

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I keep getting “file doesn’t exist” errors from the WordPress action in Shortcuts. I’m not passing it any files and every variable I’m using in the action displays as expected in the Quick Look action. I have no idea what the problem is. And this is a perfect example of why I typically hesitate to update my OS.

Hey #fediverse where are the common/good places to register for an xmpp account? I know self hosted is best but I'm looking for something I can point my friends and family to.

How do I prevent the Quick Note thing from popping up when you swipe from the bottom-right corner on iPad? I keep triggering it when I’m scrolling and can’t find how to turn it off.

I don’t want to get into it, but I get the impression that most people that talk about capitalism don’t actually know what it is.

How many of my shortcuts should I expect to be broken on iOS 15? I can tell you I’m at 50% of the ones I’ve tried so far. :/

I guess I’m stuck moving back to Safari on iOS because Apple won’t let third-party browser developers compete.

“A quieter release for even stranger times.”

Respectfully, this sentence doesn’t make any sense. “Even stranger” than the release is quiet? What?

Trying to explain “me” and “you” to a two year old.

My current plan:
1. Buy a truck
2. Buy a camper
3. Buy some land

I don’t have a timeline, but hopefully in the 5-10 year range.

I keep a note in Simplenote that’s basically a dashboard of all my social following stats. I have it broken down by category and list the number of accounts I follow on each service — YouTube, Twitter, Mastodon, Pixelfed, etc.

I’m 65% federated now.

Finally upgraded to Big Sur. All the icons look goofy, I don’t like the translucent menu bar, and I can’t hide the date/time with Bartender. :|

People of the Fediverse, any suggestions for a small, free as in freedom link shortener to self-host?

For my personal use, not expecting it to be for public usage. I've seen many but they require an actual SQL database, when it could probably be a couple lines of PHP or CGI, but don't want to build it myself

Multi-account support in the Mastodon iOS beta is pretty rad.

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