I feel like I spend an uncomfortably large amount of time fighting with mediocre markdown implementations.

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@mike What app(s) or service(s) do you find to be suboptimal? For myself it’s Ulysses’ obfuscation of the .md code that now bothers me, even though I still love the app. I wish they would add a toggle to swap between hidden formatting and full code view.

@pimoore Slack is the biggest one and what spurred the post. It’s handling of italic/bold is just wrong and when I copy and paste markdown into the app it doesn’t just automatically convert it. And when I tell it convert, it doesn’t catch lists (at least it doesn’t for me).

@mike Oh yeah I forgot about Slack! Though I’m lucky as I’ve never used Markdown in it directly, I use it as little as possible at work as a chat app and that’s it. Every single time I open it I want to rage quit the internet. :)

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