— If you boot a Mac holding down the option key, it will let you select which disk to boot from. But if you hold the control key while selecting a disk from there, it will set the selected disk as the default boot volume going forward.

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The startup disk trick I mentioned earlier was super handy for setting a Linux volume as the default boot volume for my iMac, since that volume didn’t show up in macOS’ Startup Disk preference pane.

@mike How are you liking Pop_OS? The last distro I had tried on my old MBA was Solus which was good, but lacked the software availability of the Ubuntu derivatives. ElementaryOS also had great compatibility with it too.

@pimoore I’m digging it. But it’s still definitely an experiment and I’m not really able to use it too much. I have it installed on an old iMac in my home office, so I really only get to toy around with it during the short breaks in my work day. That will change sometime in the next couple of weeks when I get it installed on a MacBook Air.

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