@mike What did up end up getting, or just wearing more hats in general?

@pimoore nothing special, just a pretty basic cap from a skate shop. I got it partially because, if I wore one sometimes, maybe my son would wear one without immediately tearing it off. 😂

@mike Sounds familiar, I went through the “like father, like son” phase for a long time too. Hell, I still take after him in many ways even now. 😂

@mike Without photographic evidence, I'm not sure the rest of us can help you make that call.

@retrophisch haha. I guess I’m just sort of thinking out loud. I’ve *never* worn hats, but bought one to see if me wearing it would convince my two year old to try wearing his.

@mike Years ago, in our old neighborhood, one of my friends there was stunned when he saw me hatless. He swore the first year or two of us living near one another, he hadn't seen me without a cap.

Of course, this wasn't true. We went to church together, and I didn't wear a hat inside. But apparently all the rest of the time...

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