I’ve turned off cross-posting to Twitter from my blog. I found it caused me to hit ‘publish’ less often.


@cdevroe that’s interesting. Would you mind sharing more of your thoughts on this?

@mike @cdevroe Seconded, I’d be interested too. For myself with Mastodon, the only thing I’ve stopped to consider is how some posts would format, but I’ve never felt inhibited to publish otherwise.

@mike @pimoore @maique - I think it is mostly that I don't want some of my random thoughts to be tweets. But I don't mind them on my blog. However, I also view each platform as a bar (twitter) or restaurant (m.b) or library (?) and so each should have different content on them. Maybe I'm weird.

I don't mind POSSE'ing to Mastodon or Tumblr though.

I'm weird!

@cdevroe @mike @pimoore Hahahaha. It actually makes sense: different places, different moods 😊

@cdevroe @mike @maique Thanks for that insight, really interesting thought around this. For the library something like Day One perhaps?

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