YouTube has historically been my most used app by a mile. After moving my subscriptions to Pocket Casts with Listenbox, there’s finally competition.

With more of my watch time taking place in Pocket Casts, with no recommended videos and other tactics designed to keep me watching endlessly, I’m hoping YouTube’s usage continues to drop.

@mike Does Pocket Casts work with 4K content on YT (not that there’s a lot of it amongst the channels I follow, but still nice to have)?

@pimoore I’m not sure what video format is fed through Listenbox, but I have occasionally seen errors trying to stream or download the videos through Pocket Casts. I suspect it’s YouTube messing with the location of video files, Listenbox downtime, or something.

@mike Probably, I remember youtube-dl always having problems after YT itself changed things to try and throw a wrench in the works. It especially got bad after they separated their audio and video streams. Still going to give it a try though and see how it goes. Worst case scenario I keep getting feeds through RSS.

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