A lot of the “I’m deleting my Twitter account” crowd are back to tweeting as usual.

@mike Yeah I suppose we expected this. Still doesn’t feel nice.

@ru @mike ha. I took the “ooohhh more people for Mastodon” approach and so far that one seems to be holding up. One day maybe it will be enough that I can close my own Twitter account.

@ru I’m sure we all mostly expected it. I just find it odd that so many people were so vocal about deleting their Twitter account and here we are such a short time later and they’re back on it like nothing ever happened. That’s one of the reasons I don’t ever advocate that people delete their Twitter accounts, I understand that this strategy is unlikely to work. Publishing to Mastodon first, cross-posting to Twitter, and using BirdSiteLive is a much more realistic plan.

@mike @ru The outrage algorithm is a difficult thing to give up, for some. It’s a worm in the brain. Pure reverse chronological timelines like Mastodon don’t give the same dopamine hit.

@mike I was totally sure about it, goes together with all the people outraged by WhatsApp's new terms and conditions that "left for Signal". When I try to message them on Signal now they're nowhere to be found.

@mike Fully expected.

That’s why I didn’t delete mine. 😉

@mike Very unfortunate, but not surprising. Twitter has engrained itself in the minds of so many people, that they still hesitate keeping an open mind to anything else.

@mike Happen to have been here since #DeactiDay, more or less, which pretty much—well, I think—was famed bloggers Mike Monteiro and Derek Powazek advocating to at least temporarily deactivate Twitter, back in 2018. And temporary it was. I mean, I’m sure it was bigger than that and that they all meant well, but you just can’t promote that new book of yours over on, uh, Mastodon. Just don’t work.

Suppose they have changed then, after all.

> Monteiro hints that there doesn’t seem to be much hope for his account’s reactivation on Twitter, a platform that he actually used to have fun visiting. […] “There might be a chance to save [Twitter]. It would have to be soon and it would have to be a pretty radical change. […] We’re out. If this is who they want to be, we’ll stop going.”


@jan I first joined back then, but everyone that I knew who gave it a try only stuck around for a few days. I didn’t mind Twitter so much at that point, so I didn’t stick around here either.

I ended up rejoining last year after I was absolutely and completely fed up with the state of things. Twitter wasn’t fun anymore and I needed something new.

Mastodon has been fantastic to me so far.

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