The cheapest gas in my area is $4.35/gal. It’s going to cost me about $55-60 the next time I fill up. I’m glad I don’t drive too much.

@mike I am about to ask if I can work on-site only 2-3 days a week, rather than driving over 20 miles both ways 5 days a week. I technically can do 99% of my work from home.

@Gabz @mike My wife and I are lucky in that we both work locally, otherwise I think we would’ve already tried to somehow buy an EV already. I feel for anyone commuting right now.

@mike Approximately €2.00 per *liter* here. Some €100 for a full tank. (Which luckily, allows me to drive about 1,100 km. Diesel, in this case. Gas would be about the same price but slightly worse mileage, typically.)

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