What’s everyone’s thoughts on pinned posts/tweets on Twitter and Mastodon?

I don’t generally like pinned posts on Twitter or Mastodon. I usually ignore them when checking out a profile because I’m more interested in what someone has been posting recently. But given how federation works, pinned posts seem more useful on Mastodon.

@mike I wish they has an expiration setting sometime. I forget what has been pinned, and I assume that new followers -- or potential followers -- may find it confusing.

@scully @mike I’d settle for a monthly notification that asked if you still wanted to keep the pinned toot active. Beyond that, I’m ambivalent on their usefulness.

@Mike Rockwell Limit of 3 pinned posts. I go to some accounts and it takes a while to scroll to their current content.

@mike I find they have a use as something of an extension to a bio. Key ideas of importance or perhaps posts one does not want lost to time.

On my profile, I have two quotes that seem apposite to my social media posting.

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