Just setup my first Mastodon bit with IFTTT using this guide. Let’s see how it goes.

Wait. I might be able to use this to create a bot that posts links to replies I receive on Twitter — every time I receive a reply on Twitter, IFTTT automatically posts a link to it on a private bot account that only I follow.

That might let me delete the Twitter app. Maybe I could do this for too?

So far so good on the bot account. Pretty rad.

Now I’m thinking of all the different ways I could use this.

@Mike Rockwell Do you have to have an IFTTT paid account? I used to love IFTTT.

@big_diggity I don’t, but if I can use it to setup multiple Mastodon bots, I’d almost certainly upgrade to a paid account.

@Mike Rockwell I feel like maybe their plan changed since that last time I looked. Or I was more broke back then. haha
The cost doesn't as terrible as I thought.

@big_diggity I can’t remember the price point, but last time I checked the free plan only gave you 3 applets and there was only a single option for a paid plan. The current plans seem pretty reasonable.

@mike I've done something similar but find it's much easier to use's crossposting tool. You just plug your blog's RSS in and tell it where to crosspost to. Works well with Mastodon even.

@ray I used that for a while too. But I was looking for something to more reliably follow a couple of Twitter accounts from Mastodon. BirdSiteLive is a thing, but it's been spotty for me lately with public instances. This seemed easier than self-hosting BirdSiteLive.

@mike Ahhh, that makes sense. Keep sharing the journey.
@mike I hate to be the Friendica-spammer but at times is good to let people know that Friendica is so feature-rich that it even allows to repost automatically from any RSS or federated source. Plus you can schedule posts. And follow any RSS feed...And a ton more. 😁 - Oh and it works with Mastodon's API so any app that works with Mastodon, also works with Friendica...

Lastly Friendica can connect with your Twitter account so you can follow and interact with anyone on Twitter.

It is such an underrated social platform....

@tio I really need to spin up an instance and test it out.

@mike You can also use mine if you want - I already have all of these features integrated + custom themes I made. ;)
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