@pimoore some shakeups in our mobile support that I’m going to be a part of. :)

I guess I made the right decision at work and got some very good news today. :)

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@TonyG some well water can be pretty bad — my grandparents’ well water always smelled like sulfur. But it seems like most of the time it’s much better and doesn’t require any maintenance or anything. My wife’s parents have been on well water in the same house for about 30 years — it tastes great and they haven’t done anything to it at all, as far as I know.

@NNYLiberty it’s a good thing we didn’t just let a bunch of doctors and nurses go over a vaccine manda…

Oh, wait.

AirPods did end up arriving. The new shape is pretty odd. It feels like they don’t sit as firmly in my ears as the previous ones, so I’m a little worried they’re going to fall out a lot. But I haven’t had any issues so far.

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@cdevroe @mastonaut I don’t use it too often because I typically interact with Mastodon on my iPhone and iPad, but it’s by far my favorite desktop client.

Something tells me to be skeptical as to whether or not my AirPods will arrive today.

@cdevroe I haven’t heard about it in a while. I sure wish Twitter would federate, though. I still dislike Twitter for a variety of reasons, but if they federated, it would instantly validate the space to a whole host of people that currently write it off.

Once I get everything working again, I expect I’ll hold off on most major iOS updates going forward. At least on one of my devices until I know for sure everything works.

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Updated to 15.1 with my fingers crossed that Apple fixed literally anything in Shortcuts.

First shortcut I try includes the Copy to Clipboard action, which still isn’t working. Ugh.

@djsumdog I think there’s one floating around my office somewhere.

@cdevroe that’s interesting. Would you mind sharing more of your thoughts on this?

@adam I don’t see how Zuckerberg loses through any of this. Perhaps a tarnished reputation, but that wasn’t particularly good to begin with.

@obsolete29 so, I went down the path of trying to self-host as much as I can and use as much open source software as I can. I switched a lot of apps and services, but eventually the energy started to dwindle. I’m less enthusiastic about it now, but I’m much closer that goal than I was prior to making the effort. That’s still a win. And in the future, that goal will be more attainable because of the effort I put in previously.

By the way, Take This to Your Grave by Fall Out Boy is the absolute best album of all time.

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@tim I liked Icro a lot, but it hasn’t been updated in quite a while. I always thought it had a better design than other options. apps.apple.com/us/app/icro/id1

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