@becky we just won’t invite the haters to our block party then. Lol

@becky we don’t really have much of a choice, really. :|

@obsolete29 I’ve considered adding a link to my personal homepage, which links out to my social network profiles and major web projects.

@gamey I’ve been using this tool. I haven’t been watching it too closely, but it seems to be working okay for me so far. crossposter.masto.donte.com.br

Doing some upkeep on mike.rockwell.mx, listening to some Alex Melton in Plexamp, and keeping an eye on Mastodon using Sengi.

I reverted back to my previous setup for now. I’ll just deal with the annoyance of syndicating images for a while longer, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@pimoore yeah, it’s tricky. I’d like to syndicate to Micro.blog, though, there’s a lot of people there I really enjoying keeping in touch with.

@pimoore I want to publish to Mastodon first. The issue I’m having is how images are published on Mastodon — they’re placed in an enclosure within the RSS feed, which makes it tricky to pull things into WordPress and Micro.blog. I could rely on Micro.blog’s integration with Mastodon for interactions with people there, but that only seems to work for users that setup ActivityPub with a domain and have a paid account.

@pimoore nope, I’m the oddball that doesn’t like either. Hehe

Okay, while the setup technically worked, it was a bit messier than I would have preferred. Going to try a slightly different setup — Micro.blog gets the RSS feed straight from Mastodon and WordPress gets it through IFTTT.

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@pimoore I think I’d rather use an Android phone than start drinking coffee. Haha

I’m using a new method for archiving my Tweets/toots on mike.rockwell.mx, which syndicates to Micro.blog. No idea if it’s even going to work and my site is a bit of a mess now. Lol

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That thing where you just cross your fingers and hope everything works the way you intended.

@TheRealClay for sure. Mastodon is definitely out of reach for a lot of people. If there was something as easy as WordPress to get up and running, that would go a long way.

Owning your own Mastodon server makes the federated timeline significantly more usable. But the local timeline is essentially useless.

@TheRealClay there’s always GrapheneOS.

(I’ve never used it and have no idea how difficult it is to install. Lol)

@TheRealClay yeah. I expect YouTube will kill their RSS feeds eventually. I just hope I’m out the door before that happens.

@TheRealClay I started following YouTube channels via RSS earlier this year with the goal being to slowly transition away completely or at least drastically reduce my usage of the service. Being able to follow channels on BitChute and Odysee via RSS is clutch.

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