I am “I was going to make a TikTok video but couldn’t figure out how” years old.

@geotechland iPhone 5S was probably the peak for me. I haven’t had a single device since then that I’ve liked nearly as much. I believe that came out in 2013.

Trying out a new app for my IPTV setup. If it works well, I’ll likely write about it.

@obsolete29 I watch Match Game a lot on Buzzr and they play this song during commercial breaks on the live stream. It gets stuck in my head constantly, but I dig it.

@cjd I would prefer to simplify the tax code so that anyone with a third grade math proficiency could do it themselves. But in absence of that, I wouldn’t argue with it.

I’m really digging Mastoot in my testing so far. I think I’m going to delete the official client for now and see how well I do with just Mastoot.

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@EricZhang456 no, but I use a tool called TunesKit M4V Converter on an old El Capitan machine, which can remove the DRM from it.

From Gary Hustwit's LinkedIn:

"Legendary designer Dieter Rams is celebrating his 90th birthday this week, on May 20th. And it's become a tradition that on Dieter's birthday we show the documentary about him free worldwide. Since this is a big birthday, we're streaming it free all week!

Watch “Rams” free now through this Sunday, May 22nd:


Happy Birthday Dieter!"

#Design #DieterRams

I just bought the entire series of Gilligan’s Island on iTunes for $30. Ask me anything.

@fossil @roguelazer I was using Firefox for a while, but switched to Brave on macOS — also because of Firefox’s buggy-ness — and switched to Safari on iOS because of extensions on iOS 15.

@dave is there any hatred aimed at him from the right? I haven’t seen any at all, but to be fair, I haven’t really been looking for it either.

The ability to select text in images on iOS is neat, but sometimes the little icon obscures text in the image and in Safari — especially on YouTube’s site — the system tries to select text when I just want to long press and open the image’s link in a new tab.

@roguelazer I’m not necessarily disagreeing, but why does Google have such a hold on the browser space that no one is able to make something better? Why can’t Mozilla and Apple build something that’s so compelling that people want to use it?

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