I’m getting a ton of spam messages through ’s submission form. Hopefully the reCAPTCHA integration will fix that.

Went apple picking at a different orchard this year because the one we had been going to closed.

The new place is crowded, expensive, and didn’t even have the variety we usually pick. :\

@libei I prefer the current layout. With a full width layout I find that the timeline tends to get muddled — it’s more difficult to discern where one post end and the other begins.

@sneak you’re probably okay to. I haven’t run into anything too annoying on my iPhone. And I’m someone who has waited a while before upgrading in recent years.

(I haven’t installed on my iPad yet, but that’s mostly because I haven’t taken the time to do it.)

I set custom timers for a ton of different timeframes through out my work day and they are always measured in minutes rather than hours.

The extra tap to move the selector doesn’t seem like much, but doing it several times each day is getting annoying.

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On WatchOS 9, when you go to set a custom timer, it seems to *always* select the hour section first, regardless of what you previously interacted with when setting your last custom timer.

@kev it’s uh… it’s a bit much. But I’m glad they’re expanding their offerings — I want Framework to be successful.

@techhut if it’s just a single page, I just built it by hand in HTML and CSS. If it’s a larger site with a lot of pages that will be updated frequently, I use WordPress.

She used a MiFi controller and I basically just treated the RP2+ as a controller. I could play without issue while watching the TV.

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Game streaming is pretty cool. Last night Becky and I played a few levels of TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge with Steam Link. She connected with the Apple TV and I used the Retroid Pocket 2+.

@eriner apparently I have an instance that’s blocking me because I’m too fashionable. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I forgot to upload this: I took a time-lapse of the assembly of my brand new Framework Laptop.

This is super-cool, y'all. Seriously.

@boilingsteam I’d rather use something like a Retroid Pocket 3, but I’m mostly interested in emulators. And I can always use Steam Link for modern games.

The price point and form factor is much more appealing to me.

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