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The biggest mistake us early adopters made was allowing Twitter and Facebook to be so big for so long. We should have moved on 5–10 years ago and convinced our family and friends to too.

@djsumdog @adam @m00se I’m hoping they do.

In regards to the complaints about the terms mentioning that they own the code, part of me wonders if that’s referring to the mobile app, which doesn’t look like it’s based on any clients I’m aware of.

@adam I hope they federate. Who cares if many of the instances block them, they should still federate.

(I also hope they abide by the Mastodon license.)

@stux seems like they’re maybe just trying to get them because some people were able to make accounts when it wasn’t meant to be publicly available yet. Is that the crux of the license violation claim or am I missing something?

@stux is there any precedent for this type of situation? Where the service/software isn’t meant to be publicly available yet? I would guess that, while in testing, they’re okay to not share the code as long as it’s released when the service is actually available to use.

I mean, if I make a modification to Mastodon and test it alongside friends for a few months before releasing the changes, would I be in violation of the license?

@Big_Diggity I don’t have experience installing it on actual hardware, just a VPS through Linode, but I’ve been happy with Cloudron. It includes an app store (up to 3 apps for free), manages updates, DNS, and more. Mastodon, PeerTube and NextCloud are available. @ercanbrack from the Vice article: “Trump Media & Technology Group, the company behind Truth Social, did not respond to a request for comment.”

Have they issued a statement anywhere that you know of?

@ercanbrack yeah, for sure. I think everyone’s kind of jumping the gun on the legal issues, though. It’s not even launched yet. I would expect there’s some degree of grace period while it’s in testing, as long as they’re compliant at launch.

@ercanbrack do you know if they’ve made a statement about it at all? The Vice article says they requested comment and didn’t hear back, but I don’t know if they’ve issued a statement anywhere else.

The new Apple Silicon names are even worse than I initially realized.

If you say “M1 Max” out loud, are you talking about the chip or “M1 Macs”?

If you say “M1 Pro”, you talking about the chip or a MacBook Pro that uses an M1 chip?

Just found out my bank is being bought out by a larger regional bank. Yuck.

I liked using a super small, locally owned bank. Not sure what I’m going to do now.

Tangentially political 

@geotechland that was my immediate thought when I saw this too.

I always avoid reading anyone’s take on Apple announcements until I’ve written my own. Now that I published my thoughts on the new MacBook Pro, I’ve got a lot of reading to do.

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