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Toying around with Little Link. I’d like it to support more services, like Pixelfed and, but it’s pretty rad.

How does a news site have a web page with news on it that doesn’t list a published date? It seems so irresponsible.

When kids get a fever they sure do get a fever.

64% of my social follows are federated now. And that includes video services like YouTube. :)

Our toaster oven went kaput yesterday. We’ve had it for years and typically use it multiple times a day — for toast, frozen pizza, roasts, cakes, etc. I immediately ordered a new one because we rely on it so much for cooking.

Why do almost all non-Apple laptops have trackpads that are off center? And why are they always shifted to the left?

To be clear, I don’t want to use ChromeOS, I was just looking into whether Chromebooks could be used as inexpensive Linux laptops.

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You know things are getting weird when I, of all people, start looking at Chromebooks.

Not super happy about Wirecutter adding a paid subscription, but it’s not surprising given the NYT acquisition in 2016.

Adjusting my IFTTT applets for archiving my Mastodon and Initial Charge posts to Day One. Instead in of using Twitter as the trigger, I’m using RSS — it’s better to just go to the source.

“More than 80% of Americans 16 and older have some level of immunity against the coronavirus…”

(Way to bury the lede.)

I’m curious what percentage of Mac apps are based on Electron and how much that has grown over the past few years.

Farm to Tablet
Cage Free Computing
Grass Fed GNU
Free Range FOSS
Organic OPML

Chromebooks are very secure. This is not surprising. Prisons usually have excellent security.

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