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Notch. Lol

I guess I’ll end up with a black menu bar. Or a MacBook Air because of the weight difference.

I setup a Plex library for web videos and have an app automatically downloading each new video published on a handful of YouTube channels. It’s much nicer than using the actually YouTube app, which is filled with all its recommendations designed to keep you watching *forever*.

The notch rumors can’t be real, right? I mean, Apple can do slim bezels and a competent camera on the iPad, but they can’t on a MacBook?

We just paid $16 for a pack of sausage. And not high-end sausage or anything. It was store brand sausage.

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It would be cool if groceries weren’t so expensive.

Tonight we’ve watched That’s So Raven, Family Matters, and now we’re watching Home Alone.

We have the best Plex library.

Just realized the post options for the Mastodon app for iPad are above the keyboard — not in the actual compose view, but on the actual keyboard itself.

How did I miss that until now?

It sure seems like Hey Siri got enabled on my devices without me explicitly enabling them. Maybe with one of the recent updates? I don’t remember being prompted to re-enable it and I don’t expect I would have agreed if I was.

Anyone else have a similar experience?

So far so good.

Some deadlines got moved up, though. So it’s going to be a hectic rest of the week.

There's more debate about enabling "Likes" on social networks (e.g. Glass). I've written about this before, but in summary: Likes should be available, but should not be shown publicly if you want to avoid gross behavior. This is one of the few things I know I'm right about

The visibility features on Mastodon don’t get enough credit. Being able to reply to someone’s post and set it such that only they can see it is pretty rad.

Josh with a full plate at the dinner table: “All done!”


I don’t know what Josh is going to do when the construction is completed on the bridge next to his grandparent’s house. He won’t be able to go outside to see all the trucks and equipment each day.

There’s a little handprint right in the middle of our living room TV.

New Mastodon beta, Pixelfed, and Living Big in a Tiny House in PiP.

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