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@mike Yep. They seem to support bare minimum itunes features.

Woah, do Odysee channel RSS feeds work as podcasts? I just dropped one in Pocket Casts on a lark and it *just worked*.

The older sibling always jammed the A button when their younger sibling passed over the level they just beat. The goal being to get into the two player battle level and take all the turns. I was the younger sibling most of the time. Lol

The controller cables got a bit tangled, but it worked. :)

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My older sisters and I also had something we called “the three thing” — our method for playing a two player game with three people. Two people start with a controller and one doesn’t. As soon as you finish your turn, you hand the controller to the person without it so they can wait for their next turn.

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Growing up, we referred to Mario with the fire flower as having “spit power” because it looked like he was spitting the fireball out of his mouth.

Ordered from a restaurant that we haven’t had since early last year. Boy, was it good.

I draft a lot more posts for social networks than I actually publish these days.

I can’t think of a time that I’ve checked Twitter over the past 11 months and didn’t immediately regret it.

Apparently I have a crack on my iPad’s screen. No idea how that happened. Ugh.

The design of curbside pickup signs leave a lot to be desired. There’s so frequently information that’s impossible to see when you’re in the parking spot because it’s obscured by the hood of your vehicle.

Just bought a couple of these 14TB drives to upgrade the storage on my home server. This will be my first foray into shucking, so wish me luck.

(Also, the $/TB on this drive is insane.)

This week felt long. I’m looking forward to a couple of days off.

It would be cool if Apple added an icon next to a person’s avatar in Messages to indicate that it’s their birthday.

Firefox 94 introduced a little ad banner for Mozilla VPN in a new private tab. I like #Firefox and try to support them, but I don't care to see this.
Here's how to fix it in "about:config", set this value to nothing:
or from your "user.js" file:
user_pref("browser.privatebrowsing.vpnpromourl", "");

.. and it's gone!

Josh and I spend time each night writing and drawing on a Magnadoodle. In just a couple of months he’s learned numbers 1-9 and 22 out of 26 letters. He can even write a few on his own. :)

Ever have someone in your life that keeps trying to help you and keeps trying to help you, but every time they do it just makes things worse?

Does anyone actually care about Apple’s $19 polishing cloth? Why is so much energy spent on this?

Here’s my take:
It’s probably a nice product. But if you think it’s a bit excessive, you don’t have to buy it. I’m unlikely to.

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