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Streamlined my publishing shortcuts. My setup is now nearly as good as it was on iOS 14. Next I’ll need to figure out how to get my image upload shortcut working again.

The number of long-form articles I’ve published on Initial Charge in each of the last five years:

2021 — 21
2020 — 15
2019 — 16
2018 — 34
2017 — 31

I’d like to get back to my 2018 and earlier output. I seem to be heading in that direction, at least.

Just scheduled a link to go up tomorrow morning on Initial Charge. That means I will have published something every single weekday this year. I’m not sure whether I will keep it up next year or if I’ll modify the schedule a bit. We’ll see.

I guess SD card support was added in iOS 13 when they also added support for external drives. I must have missed the SD card part.

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When did iOS add support for accessing files on SD cards? This will make my life a lot easier.

I need to schedule two more posts this week and I’ll hit my goal for the year.

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Doing another play through of Pokemon Red. Just caught Mew and beat Misty.

I’m very impressed by the battery in my DS Lite. This thing is about ten years old and the battery life feels just as good as it did when I first bought it. And that’s after sitting unused for the past handful of years.

The cycle of video game interest:

- Rediscover an old console
- Buy a bunch of games
- Declare it the best console ever made
- Find a new game that piques my interest
- Buy a new console
- Play the game for about a month
- Stop playing video games for 6-12 months
- Repeat

If I publish Monday through Friday next week, I will have published something to Initial Charge on every single weekday for the entire year.

My Studio Neat Mark Two is arriving today. I can finally replace my pocket pen — a Fisher Bullet — that falls apart half the time when I’m removing the cap.

Thinking about social posting, I can’t exactly refer to mine as “ephemeral” because I care very much about it being archived. Perhaps “temporary prominence” is a better descriptor.

Google Fonts-related domains are high on my list of most contacted domains in iOS’s App Privacy Report. So I’ve enabled the web font list in my content blocker. Sites don’t look quite as good, but I’m contacting Google less now.

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