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Just setup my first Mastodon bit with IFTTT using this guide. Let’s see how it goes.

Spent a little time with the AetherSX2 alpha that was released today, which adds support for downscaled resolutions. It’s not perfect, but THPS3 and SSX Tricky is pretty playable now.

Self-checkout stinks. I’d rather go to a cashier.

People are wild.

People say things that are wild.

Everyone says they hate Facebook, but they just keep using it because “everyone’s already there”.

But if you’re not going to be the one to move elsewhere and convince others to follow, who do you expect is going to do it?

I think we’ve spent more time in the pool in just the past couple of weeks than we did all of last year.

Anyone use Notification Summaries on iOS? If so, what apps do you use it for, what time of day do you have it set for, and why? Do you like it? Have you tried it and hated it?

Got these two Anker chargers in the mail today. Wow are they small. Especially the little 30W one. It’s practically the same size as Apple’s little 5W USB adapter.

Apparently I’m on a country music kick.


That episode of Seinfeld where George was in the pool discussing the pitfalls of shrinkflation.

Cable modem replaced. We’re getting 600+Mb/s on wired connections and topping out our wireless network with 300-400Mb/s on our Wi-Fi — depending on whether we’re connected to the main base station or one of the mesh extenders.

I realized a few days ago that the cable modem we have doesn’t support the speeds available with our ISP plan. Ordered a new one and it arrived today. Now I have to figure out a time when I’m okay to be offline for a bit so I can set it up.

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