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We survived Josh’s birthday party yesterday. And it went really well. :)

Apple should have called the app “Shortcuts” and the things you build with it “Workflows”.

I’m sure I’m the millionth person to say that, but it’s still maddening that Apple went with “Shortcuts” and “shortcuts”.

We finished The Office last night and have no idea what we should watch next.

Maybe an old season of Top Chef?

My #WordPress optimisation continues. I’ve now got my site down to 2 requests (the page and the favicon) and 49.3kb. Oh, and straight 100s on

I think that’s pretty darn good for WordPress and I’ll call it quits there. 🙃

But WordPress is bloated, right? 🤷‍♂️



I still accidentally grab the scroll bar on my iPhone and wildly scroll in the wrong direction. It happens at least a couple of times each week. I can’t be the only one.

Just bought a computer magazine for the first time in probably fifteen years.

Work pranks are the best.

I took a coworkers computer wallpaper and duplicated it 50x in its own folder.

I then added 1 photo completely different and set the wallpaper to rotate every minute, randomly.

For 1 minute an hour, his background will be different and he won't understand why and by the time he grabs someone to show them, it will have disappeared.


My mood always improves when I’m writing regularly.

Josh calls thunder “fireworks” because he likes fireworks and doesn’t like storms.

Given the origins of Facebook, I’m not surprised that he’s in close contact with the Federal Bikini Inspectors.

It’s just one of those days where you draft and delete a lot.

When I was toying around on my hacked PSP, I was super excited to play Rock Band Unplugged, but I could never get the DLC working. It was a bummer.

But it’s working fine on my RP2+ with PPSSPP, albeit with some emulator tweaks to get it running smoothly.

I’ve never had a restaurant mess up my order as often as Buffalo Wild Wings has.

When a site changes it’s content policy to allow the publishing of content that it previously prohibited, what happens to the accounts that were suspended under the previous rules? If the content would have been allowed under the new rules, should they be reinstated?

Fun fact: there are currently over five times as many people on the Fediverse as there were users of Twitter when I joined 2007.

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