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Once I get everything working again, I expect I’ll hold off on most major iOS updates going forward. At least on one of my devices until I know for sure everything works.

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Updated to 15.1 with my fingers crossed that Apple fixed literally anything in Shortcuts.

First shortcut I try includes the Copy to Clipboard action, which still isn’t working. Ugh.

By the way, Take This to Your Grave by Fall Out Boy is the absolute best album of all time.

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The biggest mistake us early adopters made was allowing Twitter and Facebook to be so big for so long. We should have moved on 5–10 years ago and convinced our family and friends to too.

The new Apple Silicon names are even worse than I initially realized.

If you say “M1 Max” out loud, are you talking about the chip or “M1 Macs”?

If you say “M1 Pro”, you talking about the chip or a MacBook Pro that uses an M1 chip?

Just found out my bank is being bought out by a larger regional bank. Yuck.

I liked using a super small, locally owned bank. Not sure what I’m going to do now.

I always avoid reading anyone’s take on Apple announcements until I’ve written my own. Now that I published my thoughts on the new MacBook Pro, I’ve got a lot of reading to do.

Ordered a solar panel and solar charger for my Ego Nexus Power Station. We’ll be able to charge the batteries we use for our yard tools by solar now. Could come in handy if there’s ever a prolonged power outage too.

Started playing some Mega Man X3 during lunch yesterday. I miss this era of gaming.

I might end up installing Windows XP on the old iMac — the one that will be Josh’s first computer, disconnected from the web. This would let me install some of the old Windows games I had during high school.

Interesting to see the early look at the 2022 default WordPress theme:

#wordpress #theme

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